Promotion and Planning of Research Activities in Physics Discipline (Division of Condensed Matter Physics)

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The Physics Discipline of the Department of Natural Science and Sustainable Development in Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has two Divisions: Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP) and General Physics. DCMP consists of several subfields, including superconductivity, magnetism, semiconductor, optoelectronics, surface science and other condensed matter physics. The convener of Physics division is responsible for: (1) Coordinating the review of research projects submitted to MOST, (2) Review of applications for support of attending international conferences, invitation of foreigner scholars for lectures and short-term visit for science and technology exchange, and recruiting research manpower, (3) Attending convener meeting and assisting the MOST related affairs, (4) Planning and promotion of other disciplines related affairs. In 2020, we will continue the program for physics related departments/institutes in Taiwan to establish their own key research features, integrate research resources, strengthen the cultivation of young generations in fundamental science, and promote the new programs initiated by MOST for incubating young scientists; moreover we also continue to promote the connection and collaboration of physicists in Taiwan with those in the other Asian Pacific countries. In 2020, we shall participate in the strategy planning of national energy and sustainable issues in MOST and assist the formation of collaborative platform and research groups for the development of novel measurement techniques, critical technology, fundamental computation and theoretical approaches.
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/10/20

UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, UN member states agreed to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. This project contributes towards the following SDG(s):

  • SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production
  • SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals


  • Programs for the Convener of Physics Discipline


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