Programmable Microwave Passive Components(3/3)

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In view of the potential of reconfigurable microwave components for applications in the next-generationsoftware defined radio RF front end, this three-year project focuses on the development of novelprogrammable microwave passive components. Comparing to conventional reconfigurable microwavecircuits, the proposed designs feature much more reconfigurable functions and more compact circuit size.The proposed Radio-Frequency Programmable Bridged-T coil Array (RFPBA) adopts the ideal of FPGA indigital circuits, and uses bridged-T coil and switch matrix as the building blocks. In this way, the function ofproposed RFPBA can be controlled by digital signals such that it can be used as microwave filter, coupler,or divider.
Effective start/end date1/08/1830/09/19


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