Planning and Analysis of Product Family for Pm Planetary Gear Drives - Universal Model for Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis

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This two-year-project will focus on developing a planning and analysis model for product family of planetary gear drives. Within two years, a universal loaded tooth contact analysis (LTCA) model and a product family design expert system will be established, so as to integrate the development of diverse planetary gear drives, to accelerate the development time and to reduce costs.In this year's project, the main research work includes:(1) Develop a universal analysis model for planetary gear drives: A universal analysis model will be expanded from the existing LTCA method of a planetary gear drives based on the influence coefficient method. The algorithms will be developed accordingly and a set of core program modules is also established. In this way, various types of planetary gearboxes can be directly analyzed without modeling the individual gear drives one by one. The contact stress distribution and load distribution of each tooth pair, split torque distribution, and efficiency under error and deformation can be thus calculated. (2) Establish a primary product family model of the planetary gearboxes by using classification method, a modular product structure, and size range of gear data of planetary gearboxes.(3) Make a planetary gearbox using the developed analysis program. The efficiency, stiffness, backlash and other transmission performance are also validated.The research results of the universal theoretical analysis model in this project are helpful to transform the developed theoretical models into basic models and methods for practical applications, and also will spread the influence of theoretical research results in the industries.
Effective start/end date1/06/2031/08/21


  • Universal loaded tooth contact analysis model
  • Planetary gear drives
  • Contact stress distribution
  • Load sharing
  • Split torque distribution
  • Efficiency
  • Product family


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