Optical Design Technology for an Fashionable Omni-Directional Energy-Saving Lamp Based on the Optical Lens with Slim and Ultra-Wide Angle

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This project mainly focuses on the optical design technology for a fashionableomni-directional energy-saving lamp based on the optical lens with slim and ultra-wide angle. An energy-saving COB LED is taken as light source. The emitting rays from COB LED will pass through the designed optical lens with slim and ultra-wide angle to realize the aim of a fashionable omni-directional energy-saving lamp. The main steps of the proposed optical design technology are as follows: l.Using the self-developed ray-tracing calculation program, the optical lens with special structure is designed and can distribute the light emitted by the LED to the desired lighting target; 2. Using commercial ray tracing calculation software (ASAP or LightTools), carry on preliminary design verification and simulation advanced design; 3. Proofing verification.
Effective start/end date1/06/1731/08/18


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