Observing Cosmic Variability across Time Zones(3/3)

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Effective start/end date1/10/1830/09/21


  • Astronomical Observation
  • extrasolar planet
  • star cluster
  • variable star
  • binary star


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  • Simultaneous Detection of Optical Flares of the Magnetically Active M-dwarf Wolf359

    Lin, H. T., Chen, W. P., Liu, J., Zhang, X., Zhang, Y., Wang, A., Wang, S. Y., Lehner, M. J., Wen, C. Y., Guo, J. K., Chang, Y. H., Chang, M. H., Tsai, A., Lin, C. L., Hsu, C. Y. & Ip, W., 1 Apr 2022, In: Astronomical Journal. 163, 4, 164.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    6 Scopus citations
  • Diagnosing the clumpy protoplanetary disk of the UXor type young star GM Cephei

    Huang, P. C., Chen, W. P., Mugrauer, M., Bischoff, R., Budaj, J., Burkhonov, O., Ehgamberdiev, S., Errmann, R., Garai, Z., Hsiao, H. Y., Hu, C. L., Janulis, R., Jensen, E. L. N., Kiyota, S., Kuramoto, K., Lin, C. S., Lin, H. C., Liu, J. Z., Lux, O. & Naito, H. & 13 others, Neuhaüser, R., Ohlert, J., Pakštienė, E., Pribulla, T., Qvam, J. K. T., Raetz, S., Sato, S., Schwartz, M., Semkov, E., Takagi, S., Wagner, D., Watanabe, M. & Zhang, Y., 1 Feb 2019, In: Astrophysical Journal. 871, 2, 183.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    9 Scopus citations