New Theory of Movies Adapted from with War of Resistance Themed Literature

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There have been over one hundred movies with themes related to war of resistance produced by Taiwan,Hong Kong and China. Nonetheless in recent years, researches in Taiwan pay less attention to such issuewhile China strives to control the right to explain the historic language of war of resistance, in attempt tostrengthen national consciousness and to transform with the Kuomintang-Communist wrestling and theChina-Japan relations. There are a number of related studies but are more restricted by ideology. The projectreviews the changes in movies with themes related to war of resistance in the past and emphasizes on theanalysis of recent close connection between gender and nationality, applying more sophisticated approaches.Nonetheless several movies with higher controversies have also been adapted from novels themed in war of表CM02 共 2頁 第 2 頁resistance, including Red Sorghum that mainly discusses the turn of new century, Lust, Caution, The Message,and The Flowers of War. The original works of the four movies originated from historic events or figuremodels, where the destroyed individual life of the characters and their relationship encountering revealed theChina-Japan relations in times of war of resistance or the complex and tangling of domestic politics. In somemovies, the female protagonist underwent drastic change and eventually became the sacrifice under wars,where the movies mostly exhibit female bodies through the screen of male gazing. With the exception forLust, Caution, most movies have turned figures in war of resistance into heroes but similarly presenting thespectacular aesthetics of violence. The four movies present a variety of differences due to the time and spacevariance of adaptation and the background of the directors, which can be analyzed for the type of perspectiveand approach used by the playwright-director in the re-interpretation of history in war of resistance. Themovie screens present characteristics different from text.
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