Near-Field Electrospun Fiber-Based Highly Stretchable and Transparent Batteryless Iot Sensors(2/3)

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This project proposes a facile and maskless method for fabricating nanofiber arrays using near-field electrospinning (NFES) with prescribed patterns and related techniques. The final target is to fabricate batteryless IoT sensors at reasonable cost. Respective aims and project goal can be summarized as follows:Year 1: This first year mainly researches into the fabrication of nanogenerators (NGs), piezoelectric technology and application in electrospinning. The focus of the study is to deposit massively parallel aligned and concentric circles patterned nanofibers-based nanogenerator via near-field electrospinning, By superposition of several nanogenerators, a flexible, self-powered and transparent deformation sensor will be delivered. The specific target is the followings : sheet resistance 〜1000 ohm/square, optical transmittance 〜85%, area power density 6.75 W/m2. The latest leading indicators based on ZnO piezoelectric NWs is ~voltage 10V [1]Year 2: This second yeart mainly focused on the hybrid nanogenerator by combining piezoelectric and triboelectric NGs. In addition, 3D-printed curved electrode in conjuction with and Cu /PTFE triboelectric generator will be superimposed to produce greater power output. Delievered specifications: piezoelectric voltage/current 13V/0.85^A,triboelectric voltage/current 20V/1.2^A,maximum output power 0.68mW. The latest leading indicators are 0.4V/5nA and 0.8V/20nA for piezoelectric and triboelectric output, respectively [2]Year 3: The third year is the application with particular focus on the the self-powered sensor of wearable device. Moreover, to develop batteryless IoT sensors with the following specifications:. The output signal of the NGs is 6V〜8V and the working voltage of Arduino controller〜3- 5V. Thus Arduino controller can be driven without external power source. Currently the world's most advanced leading indicators such as ultrasensitive sensor based on resistancechange still needs external power source to drive the controller [3].
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/07/18


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