Mysticism, Dialectics and Hermeneutics: from Systemic Thinking through German Theological Philosophy to Interreligious Dialogues

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According to the main theme of integrated project “The Religious Dimensions of Eastern and Western Philosophy II: Theology, Humanity and Practice” and the research results of the former subproject, this three-year subproject searches for the following three research interests and directions: Firstly, in terms of the systematic-theoretical dimension, following the success of previous research in hermeneutics, it shall innovate the systemic thinking and its hermeneutics as basis for the conceptualization of an original hermeneutics of (inter-)religion, and therefore unfold a new orientation for the philosophy of religion and theology. Secondly, with regard to the historical dimension of theology and philosophy, succeeding the early studies of the religious dimensions of European philosophy, this project will continue to explore deeply the intellectual and cultural movement of German spirit from the beginning of German mysticism, through the transformation of dialectics in German classical theological philosophy, which is concentrated on human subjectivity, as well as in the light of the critique of this philosophy to the emerging of the philosophical hermeneutic turn, in order to sort out the perspective of humanity in the religious dimension of Western philosophy. Thirdly, under the practical dimension in the dual aspects of theory and religion, it shall apply the meta-theory of systemic hermeneutics of (inter-)religion and the research resources of the intellectual history of German theological philosophy to deal with thematic studies of interreligious dialogues on monotheistic mysticism, intercultural communication between Sino-philosophy and Sino-Christianity, and the initial conception of hermeneutics of sacred canon.Therefore, according to the three fundamental directions and ideas of this project, the themes for this three-year project are as follows: 1. The basic fore-structure of systemic hermeneutics of (inter-)religion, the phase from German mysticism to Reformation, and the interreligious dialogue on monotheistic mysticism2. The basic medium of systemic hermeneutics of (inter-)religion, the phase of dialectics in German classical philosophy of theology, and the intercultural study of Sino-philosophy and Sino-Christianity 3. The basic process of systemic hermeneutics of (inter-)religion, the phase of contemporary philosophy of hermeneutics, and the systemic hermeneutics of inter-sacred canon
Effective start/end date1/08/1831/07/19

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  • systemic thinking
  • German theological philosophy
  • mysticism
  • dialectics
  • hermeneutics of inter-religion


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