Miniaturized and Dual-Band Six-Port Networks and Their Applications

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In view of the potential applications of six-port technology to radar systems, this three-year project focuses on the development of novel miniature six-port networks with wide operation bandwidth and dual-band operation capability. They can then be used for the development of miniature wideband and dual-band six-port receiver front ends. In addition, through the combination of other peripherals, USB interface circuits and computer programs, miniature wideband and dual-band six-port receiver front-end and direction of arrival detection system will also be developed. The proposed miniature wideband and dual-band six-port networks will largely reduce the sizes of six-port network-based sensing devices and help their deployment, as well as broaden the range of applications for the six-port technology.
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/10/21


  • six-port network
  • radar
  • direction of arrival detection
  • integrated passive device
  • bridged-T coil


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