Meta-Optics Based on Plasmonics and Geometry Phase(2/3)

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The aim of this project is to develop a meta-optic system based plasmonics and geometry phase. It has been demonstrate versatile meta-devices with extraordinary optical properties based on metamaterials/metasurfaces. In this project, we are going to integrate meta-devices with traditional optical system to be a meta-optic system. This project is a three years one. For 1st year, a broadband metasurface with 2p phase modulation in microwave regime will be designed, fabricated and measured. We will setup a microwave measurement system for measuring the far-field / near-field properties of metasurfaces. Transmission/reflection spectrum, phase modulation, and localized field of the microwave metasurface will be measured. For 2nd year, a broadband polarization-independent meta-corrector in visible range will be demonstrated for eliminating the aberrations of an optical system. The optical performance of the optical system will be evaluated as well. For 3rd year, based on broadband polarization-dependent metasurfaces, a multi-function spectrometer will be demonstrated for measuring the materials with birefringence, chirality, dichroism and circular dichroism.
Effective start/end date1/08/1931/07/20


  • metamaterial
  • metasurface
  • plasmonics
  • metalens
  • microwave device
  • ellipsometer


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