Landslide Hazard Analysis Method Development and Refining

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Landslide hazard analysis aims at quantitatively evaluating the probability of landslide failure within a specified period of time and within a given region. It is different from a landslide susceptibility analysis which only classifies a region into several successive classes with different potential of landsliding. This project applicant have assisted the Central Geological Survey to perform landslide hazard analysis and mapping at different drainage basins in Taiwan in the past twelve years, new method has been developed and has applied to表 CM02 共 2 頁 第 2 頁actual nationwide landslide hazard mapping in larger scale. The methodology and procedures are so prominent and applicable that it is worth further developing and refining, and to publish in an international journal.The advantage of the new method is first it adopts an event landslide inventory which is easily acquired to train a model, second it is applicable in a wide region, and third it has a higher prediction rate. Besides to specify the methodology and to re-organize the procedures, this project will conform and refine the following two important subjects: (1) Basic susceptibility model; whether using a multi-temporal landslide inventory or any event landslide inventory to train a susceptibility model, there are consistent landslide susceptibility pattern in a region. (2) Probability of landslide failure at a point is related to landslide susceptibility and rainfall factors at the point, and a relationship between probability of failure, susceptibility value, and rainfall factors may be established; applicable for landslide prediction, hazard mapping, regional planning, decision making, and sediment estimates.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/07/17

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  • landslide
  • probability of landslide failure
  • landslide hazard analysis
  • basic susceptibility model


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