Introduction of Xdiva to the Software Debugging of Eda Industry(2/3)

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Despite the progress made in the field of program visualization, programmers nowadays still rely on inserting extra code (e.g., print statements) to visualize complicated program states during debugging. Only recently have tools such as DDD (Data Display Debugger) began to provide visualization of data types for programmers. Still such visualizations are limited. There are many obstacles that have impeded and continue to impede program visualization for practical use. A major one is the wide variety of data types in a computer program. Given the variety and complexity of computations for many domains, it is unlikely that visualizations will be available a priori to cover everything that might be of interest. As an attempt to address the problem, a debugging visualization tool called xDIVA is presented in this proposal. The visual effects of xDIVA use 3-D shapes, colors, and animations from a 3-D rendering engine. xDIVA conducts a novel and meticulous object-oriented design so that visualization metaphors are interactive, composable, and decoupled from data, i.e. a complicated visualization metaphor can be composed and assembled from basic ones, each of which is independently replaceable. In this proposal, xDIVA will be refactored and advanced to be really used in EDA (Electronic Design Automation) software industry.
Effective start/end date1/08/1931/07/20


  • EDA Industry
  • visual debugging
  • debugging visualization
  • software visualization
  • composable visualization metaphors
  • program visualization.


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