Interim Reporting Disclosure Frequency and Accounting Anomaly(2/2)

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This project examines the association between a firm’s more frequent disclosure and capital market efficiency with respect to accounting information. In particular, I examine whether voluntarily monthly earnings disclosure reduces two prominent earnings-based accounting anomalies — post-earnings announcement drift and accrual anomaly. The first-year project argues that more frequent disclosure (i.e., monthly earnings disclosure) accelerate investors and analysts' reaction to the future implications of currently announced earnings. The second-year project suggests that the provision of monthly earnings accelerate the speed at which the market and analysts understand the implications of the accrual components of current earnings on future earnings.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/07/18


  • Accounting Anomalies
  • Post-Earnings Announcement Drift
  • Accrual Anomaly


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