Integration of Information Technology and Sports Medicine in Intelligent Table Tennis: From Taiwan to International Perspectives

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The purpose of this integrated project is to focus on table tennis (TT) science andtechnology in five main areas: AI core technology, AIoT intelligent sensoring,precise sports medicine in TT, intelligent TT venue, and next generation mediatechnology through crossing multiple disciplines. We plan to use four years tocomplete five projects, including (a) TT Specific Abilities and Sports InjurySurveillance Systems, (b) The AIoT Virtual-Real Integration and XRMetaverse Interaction System Applied in TT, (c) The Trajectory Tracking, BattingAction Evaluation, Tactical Analysis and Media Technology for TT Using DeepNeural Network, and (d) Data Warehouse and Intelligent Serving Machines forTT. In the integrated project, 14 related research topics on TT high performanceand TT for all will be examined through systematic investigation on developmentof TT-specific tests and sport injury cloud system, innovation of sport fatigueevaluation and recovery equipment, and production of advance intelligentrackets, virtual-real integration and mixed integration Metaverse, intelligentvenues, automatic tactical analysis system, next generation media technology inTT telecast, and intelligent TT serving machines. In addition, TT data warehouseand security, movement pattern identification and ball monitoring during playingprocess using deep learning, and several algorithms for big data analysis in thisproject will be developed. Through this systematic project, the TT science andtechnology and research products may be beneficial for elite able-bodied anddisabled players and also be useful for the recreational players and middle-agedTT exercisers. In the near future, we expect the research outcomes and MITproducts will be applied internationally to help more countries, TT players andexercisers to achieve the contributions on the field of TT science and theperspectives from Taiwan to the World.
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/23


  • precision sports


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