Initiation and Kinematics of Deep-Seated Rockslides - Friction Law on Sliding Plane

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Rapidly deep-seated rockslides with long run-out distance frequently cause great loss of life andproperty. Among others, understanding the frictional characteristics of the sliding plane is the key step toexplore the initiation and kinematics of the sliding block, which highly related to the susceptibility analysisand hazard assessment of prone-failure deep-seated rockslides. In Taiwan, there are plenty of deep-seated表CM02 共 2 頁第 2 頁rockslides were identified. Two deep-seated rockslide prone areas with different geological condition will bestudied sequentially. This study utilized a rotary shear testing machine to measure the velocity anddisplacement dependent frictional coefficient of the materials within the slip band. Based on the experimentresults, the initiation and kinematics of the earthquake/rainfall triggered moving mass can be calculated.Meanwhile, the slow velocity shear experiments will be conducted to measure the drain shear strength of thefault gouges sampled in-situ. Meanwhile, a pressure vessel will be designed and used to keep the shear underan undrain condition. The required drain and undrain strengths will be evaluated. It is anticipated that theinitiation of the earthquake/rainfall triggered deep-seated rockslides can be evaluated. In addition, theinfluence of normal stress, water content, and dip angle of the sliding plane on the run-out distance can beexplored. This study aims at exploring the physics of initiation and long run-out of deep-seated rockslides.Moreover, the results of this study can be used as the critical information to mitigate the hazard ofdeep-seated landslides.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/07/17

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  • Deep-seated Rockslide
  • Rotary Shear Frictional Test
  • Friction Law
  • Sliding Block Model
  • Undrain Condition


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