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The core goal of this sub-item is to handle the "National Colleges and Universities Smart Innovation and Cross-domain Integration Creation Competition". In addition, the results of the overall plan will be spread through the operation of social media.In order to respond to the trend of cross-domain application of information technology and strengthen the cultivation of talents needed for industrial transformation and upgrading, this competition is held to encourage teachers and students in colleges and universities across the country to engage in practical design of information and communication software and hardware, and to cultivate the ability of cross-domain integration of smart innovation. And link industry research and community resources to expand the value creation and innovation and entrepreneurship channels of software creation talents.In the promotion of project results, we will assist in collecting the implementation highlights of each sub-item and alliance schools, edit and organize them into content or materials suitable for promotion in the community, and assist in promotion through competition websites and collocation with different social platforms. At the same time, we will also take the initiative to interview partner schools and project centers participating in the project, actively discover the highlights of their implementation, convert them into report materials, and then expose this material in various forms on various social platforms. And use social media analysis tools to track the promotion performance to improve the promotion strategy.
Effective start/end date1/04/2331/03/24


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