In-Situ Growth and Characterization of the Thin Films of Multi-Element Chalcogenides

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The novel two-dimensional (2D) materials have drawn tremendous interests because of theirpeculiar structures and properties. Among many 2D layered materials, chalcogenides have attractedbroad attentions because of their potential for future atomically thin nanodevices. Although manyapplications based on the thin films of chalcogenides have been demonstrated, the detailed analyses ontheir surface structures and properties are still rare. In this proposal, we plan to study systematically thegrowth of the thin films of chalcogenides consisting of 2 and more chemical elements, and performin-situ surface characterization on them. We will design and construct a growth system that is capableof co-depositing multiple chemical elements and basic CVD operations, and integrate it into ourcurrent surface analysis system. If our proposal is carried out successfully, we will gain the ability togrow and study the thin-film samples of chalcogenides in situ. After the possible modifications of thesurface due to air exposure is eliminated, we believe that our experiments will contribute greatly to theresearches of chalcogenides on providing convincing experimental results.
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/10/18


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