Identification of the Defect Uniformity in Volume Production Wafer Maps– Part I: Prior to Dawning

  • Chen, Jwu-E (PI)

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The project "Identification of the Defect Uniformity in Volume Production Wafer Maps – Part I: Priorto Dawning" is the Keys for the upcoming wafer map analysis system. In a recent InternationalTechnology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), the Test and Automatic Test Equipment reports thatone of the difficulties of the challenge is to detect systemic defects, including testing for localnon-uniformities, not just hard defects, In Future Opportunities, for Test and Yield Learning, the testprovides the essential feedback loop for understanding the characteristics of manufactured chips. Test mustcontinue development of its capabilities to support failure root cause determination, cost-effective defectisolation, process measurements and design-process sensitivities. In Yield Enhancement, this reports alsopointed out that the identification of Non-Visual Defects and Process Variations was set to the mostimportant key challenge in the future.In this project, we will progressively examine and review the research results, the Boomerang Chart,to identify the uniformity of defect distribution, because it is an empirical method, which exhibits theproperties of invariance including defect cluster grain size, orientation and position. The Boomerang Chartis not only confined to the circular frame, but also rectangular frame is applicable. We will show theconsistency of the Boomerang Chart.The Boomerang Chart is powerful. So we expect from several thought experiments, includinguniformly random defect distributed wafer maps, fragmented/laminated wafer maps, separately clusteringfragmented/laminated wafer maps and uniformly random vigorous-pill distributed wafer maps. Inaccordance with five-step procedure including Description, Modeling, Simulation, Verification, and Testing,we gradually validate and check back the Boomerang Chart programs and results. It is expected toimprove program execution speed and robustness to cope with the real-world mass production forlarge-scale datasets.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/07/17


  • Wafer Map
  • Fatal Defect
  • Process Variation
  • Yield Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Method
  • EmpiricalMethod
  • Boomerang Chart


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