Identification of invasion-associated genes in lung cancer cell lines by next generation sequencing

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Lung cancer is the most cancer caused death worldwide as well as in Taiwan. Worldwide, there are millionpeople death due to lung cancer per year. The current clinicopathological staging system could not predictpatients’ prognosis well and the response to treatment is heterogeneity in lung cancer. The moleculardiagnostic and prognostic systems and molecular therapeutic targets that were developed based on the studiesin Caucasian population might be not completely suitable for Asian populations. It is immediately needed toestablish the Asian-based prognostic biomarkers and potential molecular target genes. However, these arerare studies to identify the invasion-associated molecular characteristics of lung cancer between Asian andCaucasian. In this study, we further collected the Taiwanese lung cancer cell lines and we will generate theinvasion profile and genetic data in Asian lung cancer cell lines. We will focus on two major levels todescribe these phenomena: gene mutation hotspots and differential expression genes. We will analyze thislung cancer cell line model by an integrated whole exome sequencing and microarray approach thatcombines with invasion profiles. We will be interested to identify and focus the invasion-associated mutationand genes whose could inference cancer metastasis/tumorigenesis. Their roles in cancer progression will beexplored in vitro experiments and clinical validation and the underlying regulatory mechanisms will beelucidated. Based on our previous knowledge and this new study, we might have a chance of building apotential predictor for personalized medicine in Taiwan.
Effective start/end date1/12/1631/10/17

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