How Colors Influence Consumers’ Perceptions and Behaviors(2/2)

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Color is an important atmospheric cues that may influence individuals’ physical and emotionalreactions. Recent studies have focused on the influence of colors on individuals’ cognitions. Some questionsstill remain. First, little is known about the impact of color on price perception. Second, compared to thestudies of hue (e.g., Babin et al. 2003; Bagchi and Cheema 2013), brightness of colors has received lessattention. Third, as the price impacts perceived value via two opposite forces, price-quality andprice-sacrifice associations, how background hues and brightness exert their influence on these two forcesmight be an important issue. Specifically, in the first year, this study will examine how the interactions ofthe background color (hue and brightness) and the price level influence online patronage intention viaquality, sacrifice and value perceptions. In the second year, this study intends to investigate the influence ofcolor on consumers’ perceptions in an online automated recommendation system. Because therecommended products may exhibit complementary or substitution effects, how can online retailers designmatching strategies to enhance these effects is an important research gap. Based on the influence of colorson consumers’ cognition and information processing, the colors of the background may influence the wayhow consumers interpret the recommended products. Therefore, this study intends to examine the effects ofcolor exerts on recommendation systems that promote complementary or substitute products.
Effective start/end date1/08/1831/10/19


  • color
  • pricing
  • website design
  • online recommendation


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