《History of Taiwan Kunqu Opera》

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    The earliest literature on the development of Kunqu Opera in Taiwan can be traced back to Zhu Jingying, the playwright of the Qing Dynasty, from the fourth to the ninth year of the Qing Dynasty. He was the deputy of the Taiwanese government, and once performed his work "Peach Blossoms" in his house. In the 48th year of Qianlong, the list of donations on the inscription on the "Wings of the Gods" in the Suzhou Liyuan Office was "Taiwan Bureau", the so-called "Bureau" was the trade association, and there were more than two theater companies in the local area. It can be proved that there was a Kunqu Opera Troupe in Taiwan during the Qianlong period. Since the Qing Emperor Qianlong in Taiwan, the history of the Kunqu Opera has continued unabated, but the history is fleeting. Especially when the old song friends are dying year by year, the work of record keeping is more urgent. The purpose of this project is to build a history of Taiwan's Kunqu Opera through the collection and collation of the literature, as well as to visit important scholars and song friends and actors. This is the first history of Kunqu Opera in Taiwan and is an epoch-making work.
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