High Uniform Coverage Optical Coating Technology for Micro Complex Structural Optical Components (II)

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Optical sensors are an indispensable element of smart detection. Micro-complex structural optical components are the key components of future optical sensors. Optical components require optical films to enhance optical performance, but common optical coatings technology can't meet the needs of complex structures, and Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a unique technology that can solve such problems. The deposited film has excellent uniformity and coverage. This project is a combination of ALD and plasma enhance ALD coating technology to deposit low-absorption optical film to complete the anti-reflection coating of micro-complex structure optical components. Selecting the location of the deposited film using the area-selective ALD coating technique. Using the optical monitoring system to optimize the equipment to in-situ monitoring the growth of optical films. Developing the microscopic spectral measurement system to measure small areas of micro-complex structural optical components. The average reflectance of anti-reflection coating of micro-complex structural optical components between 420 nm and 680 nm is less than 0.5%, the uniformity of thickness less than 3%, and the difference between theoretical and actual values Less than 5%.
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/07/21


  • Optical sensors
  • micro-complex structures
  • atomic layer deposition techniques
  • in-situ optical monitoring systems
  • microscopic spectral measurement system


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