From Guanxi Dynamics to Firm Performance: Contingency Analysis Based on Meta-Type

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Guanxi is one of the dominant mantras for business in China, the world’s largest tradingnation and second largest economy. Guanxi has thus attracted a growing academicattention. Despite, the understanding of the efficacy of guanxi at the organizational level isstill vague. To help managers improve their implication of guanxi, the authors synthesizeguanxi empirical research in a meta-analytic framework. The relationship from fourdynamics of guanxi, i.e., mianzi, renqing, ganqing, and xinren, to firm performance will betested under various contingencies such as nature of performance, measurement ofperformance, market turbulence, competitive intensity, technological turbulence,managerial ties, ownership, country of operation, and firm size. We anticipate that amongthe four guanxi dynamics, firm performance will get the highest effect from xinren,followed by ganqing, renqing and mianzi. In addition, we expect the proposedrelationships will vary under moderating variables.
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/01/19


  • guanxi
  • mianzi
  • renqing
  • ganqing
  • and xinren
  • meta-analysis


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