Extraction and Analysis of Artist-Relevant Events and Share of Voice from Social Network( II )

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For the record and entertainment industries, fostering potential artist, creating artworks to attract market attention is a series of decision-making processes. In the past, the excavation and cultivation process of these singers or actors depended on the experience of the brokers. If we have sufficient and correct information of the artists’ market attention, it will be a powerful support for the scouting work for video and music streaming platforms like KKTV and KKBOX. Thus, identifying market reaction from social network is an important task for the entertainment industry.To achieve this goal, we define two major tasks to identify market reaction from social network: one is market attention analysis, the other is discovering the cause of significant change in market attention. For market attention analysis, the tasks can be further divided into sentiment classification of opinion statements and identification of opinion target such as artist name and song/drama/movie name. In other words, the market attention analysis is not only to recognize entity names, but also to ensure whether it is the target in the opinion statement. Meanwhile, the changes in the market attention are often accompanied by artist related events or activities, such as autograph session, concert, performance in a film, endorsement, etc. Thus, the second year of the project focuses on extraction of artist activity and event as well as the relation to the artist.
Effective start/end date1/06/2031/08/21


  • Named entity recognition


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