Explores the Three "She Lun" Works Selected from "Wen Xuan"

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This plan explores the three "SHE LUN" works selected from the "Wen Xuan". First, the subject matter of "set theory" is quite clear and unified, and it is all "Shih Bu Yu". The form is also very similar, all a person in two characters, one to ask questions, one is to answer, the answer is mostly using ancient, modern control model; Second, investigate author’s period and his experience. Third, compare with content of these three literary works, finding the same and their difference, although they want to present "Shih Bu Yu", but there are still differences, can not simply treat them as the same, otherwise, it will lose the opportunity to find out accurately these writings. Fourth, compare these three works of "Wen Xuan" with Six Dynasties writings, comprehend the standard of SIAO TONG.summarize why only these three writings are chosen from "SHE LUN” in "Wen Xuan". Fifth, discuss the relationship of "SHE LUN", "FU” and "DUEI WUN", then, why "SHE LUN” can be dished individually.For example, "SHE LUN” is through the master, guests of the two roles of the arrangement, in fact, is in the self-spiritual dialogue, is the status of dissatisfaction, temptation and adherence to the original intention between the struggle, showing the inner tangle and struggle of the self. Whether this is with the mainstream Han Fu used to "express and sarcasm", or "to "promote virtue" to "retouch Hongye", care scare situating the external objective environment, different, or "to ask" used to distinguish the reasons, is not the same.
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/12/21


  • "Wen Xuan"
  • "DA KE NAN"
  • "JIE CHAO"
  • "DA BIN XI"


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