Evaluate the Performance of the Tack Coat Quality on Taiwan’S Asphalt Pavement Layers Using Interlayer Shear Strength Tester(2/2)

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Roads have become an important hub of the people's living circles, as the rapid economic development, and the pavement durability and safety have become important topics. The tack coat is an indispensable step for pavement construction, it can enhance the bond between two asphalt concrete pavement layers. A good bond between pavement layers is necessary for traffic loads applied to the pavement surface to be transmitted down through the whole pavement structure. If it can’t offer adequate bonds between layers, the delamination of the pavement layers and sliding failures could cause by insufficient shear strength. The objective of this study is to evaluate the performance of the tack coat quality on Taiwan’s asphalt pavement using Interlayer Shear Strength tester in laboratory, during this study scope including factors of interface bond strength, effects of interface bond strength in laboratory, the breaking and setting times, pavement surface type and texture, and evaluate the effect of interface bond strength. The first year of this study will prepared specimens by gyratory compactor in laboratory, the main subject is to investigate the effects of insufficient curing times, and compared modified emulsified asphalt with the general tack coat materials cutback and emulsified asphalts in Taiwan, and evaluate the application rate, breaking and setting time, and test temperature to simulate the tack coat construction conditions. In the next year, focus on different surface mixtures(DGAC, OGFC, and SMA), surface texture(new pavement surface, milled asphalt concrete surface), and application Hamburg Wheel-Track Testing to evaluate the performance of bond strength between pavement layers, simulate traffic loads applied to the pavement structure and resistance to horizontal shear strength.
Effective start/end date1/08/2131/07/22

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  • Interlayer Shear Strength
  • Tack Coat
  • Hamburg wheel-track test


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