Distance Learning Program of Language of New Immigrant

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This project aims to implement the new resident language course in response to the new syllabus of the 108 school year. The purpose is to solve the problem that if the number of new resident language students is too small but the class needs to be opened, it is difficult to hire teachers for minority languages, and the school is located in remote areas and cannot recruit teachers to the school. The specific objectives of the teaching questions include the following two points:1. Handle the distance live teaching of language for new residents, assist students in learning the language courses for new residents, and use the results as the basis for follow-up recommendations.2. Understand the implementation of remote live teaching by teachers and students participating in the language course for new residents and schools, as a reference for future relevant policy formulation.
Effective start/end date1/09/2231/08/24


  • native languages of new immigrants
  • distance learning


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