Development of Monitoring Technologies for Internal Wave Hydrodynomic and Coastal Mixing

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Temporary sea surface current occurs during the passage of solitary internal waves and thus modulates the surface waves. At the front edge of a depression internal wave, the wave steepness and surface roughness will increase due to the convergence of water. At the tail of it, the steepness and surface roughness will decrease. The information retrieved can be used for the study of internal wave dynamics and processes. The mixing and dispersion of terrigenous in the coastal is effected by wind, waves and currents. Andthe coastal hydrodynamic near the Kuroshio is complicated.The aim of present study lays on the development of monitoring technologies of the surface current and wave field mapping during the passage of solitary internal wave. The strategy is to develop innovative technologies for in-situ measurement and shipboard remote sensing and then apply both during the research cruises. Innovative technologies in present project consist of shipboard coherent microwave radar and miniaturized drifting data buoy. The coherent microwave radar, which uses Doppler effect, detects the velocity of water particles within the range about several kilometers. It has been integrated and verified when the system was mounted on fixed platform but not yet when mounted on ship. Algorithms that mitigate the effects from ship motion will be developed, implemented and tested this year. The radar system will then be installed on OR1 research vessel and join the field campaign. For the current and wave field measurement, low-cost miniaturized drifter will be integrated and built. They will be mass deployed in each single experiment. Both the current and wave fields can be mapped by coherent radar or the multiple trajectories of drifters.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/07/17

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