Development of Intelligent Nursing Bed System

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This project section 4 mainly develops the intelligent nursing bed, which is built up with temperature control system, massage system, and posture adjustment system. For the temperature control system, the infrared lamp is installed on the designed 2-axis rotation platform, and the motor drives the lamp to rotate the platform. When the temperature of the patient's specified part is lower than normal, the system will control the infrared lamp to warm that part until its temperature becomes normal. For the massage system, the designed vibrating piezoelectric pads which act as actuators are installed on the bed and can perform message operation when a message command is received. For the posture adjustment system, the designed piezoelectric pads which act as sensors to sense the sleeping posture. When the patient suffers from Sleep Apnea, according to the sensed sleeping posture the posture adjustment system can adjusts the sleeping posture by controlling the pressure of the airbag pad and the bed inclination to relieve the Sleep Apnea. We hope the implement of the proposed project can meet the users' requirements and benefit the patient.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/10/17


  • nursing bed
  • temperature control
  • pressure pad
  • message
  • posture


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