Development of a Non-Contact Laser Scanning System for the Inspection of Geometrical Configuration of Railway Tracks

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Three-dimensional laser scanner can be used to detect and analyze the geometry of objects in the realworld. In recent years, technological development is getting better. Optical measurement technology hasdeveloped quite rapidly. In this study, a linear laser and digital cameras were set up in front of the vehicle totake the laser image lines scanning over the object to be inspected. The images will be analyzed by lasertriangulation method to construct the geometrical model of the actual object. In order to develop a moreefficient inspection technique, various factors which affect the accuracy and quality of the scanning results,like the vibration and rigid body motion of the vehicle carrying scanning device are investigated. Throughdigitized detection and analysis techniques, a non-contact laser scanning system for the inspection ofgeometrical configuration of railway tracks can be developed.
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/10/18


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