Development of a Network of Wireless Low-Cost Air Pollution Sensors for Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution Real-Time Monitoring

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Three land-mark legislations have been achieved since 2011. Firstly, the Indoor Air Quality ManagementLaw was announced on 23 Nov 2011 and was effective on 23 Nov 2012. There are 9 items to be controlledby this law, including CO2, CO, H2CHO, PM10, PM2.5, TVOC, O3, bacteria, and fungi. The secondland-mark legislation was the announcement of the control of emissions of volatile organic compounds andhydrogen compounds resulting from the petrochemical production processes. This law was announced on 3January 2013, and was effective on 1 July 2014. The most significant part of this law is the recovery ofexhausts from petrochemical production processes. The exhausts from petrochemical production processesused to be burnt out from fire-burning flares. The third land-mark legislation was the announcement of theGreenhouse Gases Reduction and Management Law on 1 July 2015. It was effective on the same day. Underthis law, Taiwan has pledge to reduce greenhouse gases emissions in 2050 to the 50% of emission levels in2005. In order to help the success of these 3 land-mark legislations, collection of wide-spread monitoringdata from various outdoor and indoor environments are necessary. In this project, we will build 50 set ofPM2.5 sensors and 15 sets of gas sensors to help collecting data continuously for more than 6 six months inTao-Yuan City. The collection of these data can provide good quality of scientific data to help EPA whenassessing the performance of these 3 land-mark legislations.
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/07/18

UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, UN member states agreed to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. This project contributes towards the following SDG(s):

  • SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
  • SDG 13 - Climate Action
  • SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals


  • Indoor Air Quality Management Law
  • VOC emission control
  • Greenhouse Gases Reduction andManagement Law


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