Development, Evaluation, and Promotion of a E-Book System with Presenting Problem Solving and Argumentation Process: an Example from the Design of Writing Guidance System(1/3)

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In western literature, some researchers tackle composition and writing as a problem solvingprocess. At the same time, they put emphasis on the writing process instead on writing result.Student should learn the writing process instead of only using writing composition as learningtarget. Since 1967, Harvard University execute PROJECT ZERO on education. Among the project,"Make Thinking Visible" project think our learning focus should be on how to think and moduleof thinking. They developed a set of thinking modules. Students should use thinking moduleto think and record the thinking process.In Chinese world, there is no curriculum and textbooks for writing composition. Teachersuse their own method to teach composition or just give students a topic and let them writeby themselves.As we are in digital age, we can view finished composition as the result of problem solving.The composition as a problem solving including thinking flow and steps. Moreover, studentsshould do evaluation and critical thinking on the temporary results. We can embody thethinking modules in Make thinking Visible to the composition process and steps. The studentscan collaborate on writing composition on the network learning environment. Thus we can recordthe thinking process of the authors. The students can learn by reading other's thinking ontheir composition process.To the aspect of thinking contents, problem solver (authors) need to organize the knowledgeof their brain and knowledge retrieved from the world. At the same time, the students needto use thinking map or mind map to organize knowledge so that they can use these knowledgefor writing. They also need to use thinking map or mind map as tools for integrating newknowledge when reading.This project intends to develop a writing learning platform based on the above mentionedideas. The system includes:(1) rebuilding the thinking process/ evaluation and critical thinking of the authorsand developing a learning e-book system.(2) innovation cultivating system(3) a knowledge system that can help to generating ideas and knowledge structure(4) a composition learning system based on argument mapsThis research will cooperate with of United Daily News, Compulsory Education AdvisoryGroup in Ministry of Education, Professor Chien-Chiu Sun (department of Language and CreativeWriting, Taipei University of Education), and Professor Yuan-Chen Liu (department of ComputerScience, Taipei University of Education) to interview teachers and experiment teaching.
Effective start/end date1/08/1531/07/16

UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, UN member states agreed to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. This project contributes towards the following SDG(s):

  • SDG 4 - Quality Education
  • SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals


  • e-book
  • writing
  • thinking visible
  • human-computer interaction design


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