Design, Stress Analysis and Optimization of Novel Plastic Helical Gears Used in 90-Degree Crossing-Angle Transmission

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Crossed-axis helical gear with 90-degree crossing angle are widely used in the transmission module for printed circuit board (PCB) and display panel manufacturing facilities. However, involute cylindrical helical gears 45-degree helix angle are used in most of the transmission applications. The resulting drawbacks includes small contact area, high contact stress, high tooth wear and low service life of these helical gears.In this research project, first, the conjugate tooth profile for crossed-axis helical gear with 90-degree crossing angle will be developed based on the theory of gearing and tool geometry. The material properties of industry plastics, thermal expansion and stiffness will be considered along with the assembly conditions, contact stress, sliding velocity and toot bending stress. Computer programs capable of tooth contact analysis, contact pattern calculation as well as finite element analysis will be conducted for the helical gear design. An optimization approach will then be applied to achieve an optimum tooth profile for the plastic helical gear with 90-degree crossing angle, exhibiting large contact ellipses and no interference. Finally, a prototype of the optimum crossed-axis helical gear with 90-degree crossing angle will be made and tested for the contact patterns to verify the simulation results.This research will result in an optimum design for crossed-axis helical gear with 90-degree crossing angle, and the outcome will be beneficial for the PCB manufacturing industry.
Effective start/end date1/11/1931/10/20

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  • Crossed-axis helical gear
  • plastic gear
  • optimization
  • contact ellipse
  • finite element analysis
  • Hertzian contact stress
  • sliding velocity


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