Design of Millimiter-Wave (V-Band) Plannar Slot Antenna Array with Pure Left-Handed Transmission Lines

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In the project, design of a V-band (55-65GHz) planar slot antenna array will be presented. Unlike thosedesigns using SIW(Substrate integrated waveguide) structures, microstrip will be used as the feedingstructure due to its convenience and maturity of the circuit designs. The specification of the proposeddesign is given as follows:1. Use IPD manufacture process for antenna implementation. .2. Array area is less than 25mm*25mm, which provides maximum directivity of 25 dBiat 60 GHz.3. S11 < -10 dB in 55-65 Hz (16 .7%, which provide sufficient longitudinal spaceresolution).4. Antenna gain > 21 dBi in 55-65 GHz, which provide sufficient transverse spaceresolution.The features of the proposed design are as follows: The determination of antenna spacing and the one of microstrip length can beindependent, unlike the situation in the SIW designs. The bandwidth of the proposed design is 16.7%,which means that the mainbeamcould be much tilted, especially at lower frequencies. In the project, left-handedmetamaterial transmission line (or pure left-handed transmission line) will bedesigned to alleviate this problem. The problem regarding the number of the antenna elements limited by the loss of thetransmission line will be discussed. 。All designs will also be realized and validated by measurements.
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/07/18

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