Design and Fabrication of Diffractive Optical Elements for Medical Structure Light Module

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This project mainly focuses on a product which apply to biomedical engineering. Using structured light which based on 3D sensing technology in order to construct three-dimensional images. A vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser is taken as light source. Combining with diffraction optical elements so as to change the distribution of luminous intensity and create structured light pattern required. The main steps of this project: (1) Design a collimated diffraction optical element to collimate the angle required of the light from light source. (2)By using the software, Virtuallab, construct the model of diffraction optical elements and to process the primary and advanced design. (3) According to the output model of the simulation results, to manufacture the samples by outsourcing. Afterwards, verify the samples to confirm the samples meet the demands. The distinguish technological feature of this project is using diffraction optical elements in order to produce special speckles which couldn’t be generated by lens and mirrors. Using this speckles can accomplish 3D sensing. And it is more accurate in the sense of sensing the contour. Also , it is less effected by environmental light sources. Applying to biomedical product allows doctors to accurately judge the situation ,the size and the location , and makes the judgment more precise.
Effective start/end date1/06/1831/08/19


  • Diffraction Optical Element(DOE)
  • Collimation Systems
  • Capsule Endoscopy
  • Structured Light


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