Customer Innovativeness: a Quantitative Meta-Analysis of the Empirical Evidence

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Customer innovativeness has been studied in the diffusion of innovation frequently. Nonetheless, there are still debates within this subject, in particular the inconsistences of the driving forces of and inside customer innovativeness. By applying a quantitative meta-analysis, three potential categorized groups of driving forces of customer innovativeness are defined and analyzed, namely: psychological traits, sociological traits, and demographic. Besides, the three levels of customer innovativeness, including innate innovativeness, domain specific innovativeness, and innovative behavior, are also tested in terms of their causation relationships. Moreover, the current proposal also considers three potential moderating groups, namely: research contextual characteristics, environmental specifics, and design features. Since the magnitudes of these driving forces as well as the impacts of individual innovative behaviors on overall innovative behavior will be compared, and the proposed relationships of driving forces on consumer innovativeness under contingencies will be investigated, detailed insight based on these findings will be draw.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/07/18


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