Crystallization Process Design of Highly Soluble Compounds(3/3)

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The cooling, evaporative and anti-solvent crystallization are common techniques used in the purification and separation process, and have been well-studied separately in the literatures. However, there is few study relate to the combination of three crystallization processes and scaling up this process. Therefore, the aim of our research proposal is threefold:(1)to obtain the most effective parameters for each method and the comparison among cooling, evaporative, anti-solvent crystallization processes,(2)to develop a reproducible production of highly soluble compounds for the combined process of cooling, evaporative, anti-solvent crystallization by using initial solvent screening method, and(3)to scale up the optimized production from 0.5 L to 5 L for constructing the correlations for the process development.
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/07/21


  • crystallization
  • process design
  • evaporation
  • cooling
  • anti-solvent
  • yield
  • particle size distribution
  • highly soluble compounds


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