Continental Collision Kinematics Illuminated through Rock Thermal History: Thermal-Metamorphic Documentation in the Slate Terrain of the Taiwan Mountain Belt and Pilot Comparative Investigations in East Asia(2/2)

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Rock history of the sedimentary cover wrapping the subducted oceanic and continental margin basement is crucial to unravel the architecture and evolution of resultant orogenic belts. Among the key constraints for rock cycle of these meta-sediments are the degree and timing of metamorphism and associated deformation; they may be addressed by integrated application of the novel geothermometer RSCM (raman spectroscopy of carbonaceous material) recording the T-dependent graphitization of organic detritus, and in-situ laser microprobe 40Ar/39Ar dating of syn-kinematic mineral growths. Such comprehensive approach will be applied to the Tertiary slate of Taiwan to quantitatively resolve the growth mechanism and structural evolution of the current mountain building system, including vital and debated issues on detachment fault depths and geometry, significance of basal accretion, and rock exhumation processes; where meta-sediment rock cycles are well-established with sufficient field structural data, LiDAR-derived high-resolution topographic models may assist advanced detailed geologic mapping in areas of important structures. The techniques and knowledge from Taiwan orogen will be applied to major East Asia mountain belts, and pilot investigations are planned for a large active orogenic system – eastern margin of Tibetan Plateau, and an ancient orogen – the NW Vietnam region. 3 years of research work is devised: the first year on establishing the RSCM laboratory and on investigation in the northern part of the Taiwanese slate terrain; the second year the slate terrain in central Taiwan will be targeted; for the third year focus will be placed along the Lishan Fault; field and lab analyses in the East Asia pilot studies will be carried out in parallel.
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/07/22


  • Taiwan orogenic belt
  • slate belt
  • peak metamorphic temperature
  • rock P-T-t-d history
  • metamorphic age
  • LiDAR-assisted geologic mapping


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