Construction of Mathematics Workshop and Emathschool on Pad Mobile Device

  • Wu, Wei-Han (PI)

Project Details


The proposal, based on previous reseach projects for many years, will complete the followinggoals in two years:1. a full computer program generated mathematical problems database:continue to develop the computer program generated mathematical problems from cur-rent 8000s to approximated 14000s, which is the estimated problem number for entireelementary mathematics.2. mathematics workshop:build the account system for ziyou eschool website so that users can save their collectedmathematical problems in their account and share problems to others.3. emathschool:design the web interface using computer program generated mathematical problems databaseon pad mobile device. The inteface will provide su?ce functions to accommodate regularactivities between teacher and students during or after class session.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/07/17


  • computer-generated mathemtical problems
  • mathematical workshop
  • ziyou emath-school


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