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I led the NCUHEP to participate in the CMS experiment and involve in the construction of the Preshower detector, a silicon based electromagnetic calorimeter. NCUHEP will continue maintaining the Preshower for LHC Run-3 data taking. In the phase-2 upgrade, CMS will build a much larger silicon based calorimeter, high granularity calorimeter (HGCal), which will be 30 times larger than the Preshower. We will set up a silicon quality control (SQC) center in NCU and take part in the measurement of the electric properties of the 8-inch HGCalsilicon sensors. As to the physics analysis, NCUHEP published several papers in the field of Higgs physics, Standard Model physics and beyond Standard Model searches based on the data taken in LHC Run-1 and Run-2. In this proposal, we propose to perform two easurements, which have not been done at the LHC, using the Run-2 and upcoming Run-3 data. One is the measurement of the Higgs mass as a function of Higgs transverse momentum and the other one is the measurement of the vector boson scattering with the final state of Z(→νν)+γ and 2 jets.
Effective start/end date1/08/2231/08/23


  • LHC
  • CMS
  • Silicon based calorimeter


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