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Appear "Hakka" ethnic concept and formation "Hakka", and with several keydevelopment has close correlation. One of the most important factor is the history ofthe Church and the development of relevant global, regional missionary missionariesin southeast China. Basel mission is the most successfu. Since 1847 to 1910development, Guangdong Province, has occupied about two-thirds of the Hakka region.Missionaries to preach to the Hakka region, actively study the Hakka dialect, historyand culture, but also to return the Swiss headquarters of the annual report and letters ofHakka customs of the region. There are many descriptions of this information can beused to study Hakka language and culture in mainland China since 1850s. In addition,Basel missionaries since the beginning of 1847 in South Hakka mountain sermon.Basedon the above background, this project want to analyze the following four partsspecifically written book:1. The formation andspread of "Hakka" concept.2. Basel missionaries to "Hakka" learning and knowledge building process.3. The daily life of Hakka and Western cultural interaction in South China and HongKong diocese.4. Description Hakka region and cultures in the eyes of the missionaries since 1850s.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/07/18


  • Basel Mission
  • Hakka
  • South China


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