Authenticity analysis on 1782 Tainan tsunami event

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This research aims to study the historical tsunamis occurred at the areas around Tainan in 1782 in Taiwan, and to reconstruct the incidents, as well as to assess the tsunami hazard in coastal arears of the southwestern Taiwan. Reasoning these historical events requires not only carefully examining the literature records but also performing the scenarios that match the descriptions. The Impact Intensity Analysis (IIA) , the Tsunami Arrival-Time Analysis (TATA) and the IIA Slope Analysis (ISA) method are employed to locate possible regions of tsunami sources in order to reproduce the events. Numerical simulations based on the Cornell Multi-Grid Coupled Tsunami Model (COMCOT) analyze the influence of different types of tsunami generated both by submarine landslides in the localized area and seismic activities of Manila trench. And compare the numerical simulation results with historical documents to analyze the authenticity of the Tainan tsunami event in 1782.
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/22


  • 1782 Tainan tsunami event
  • Impact Intensity Analysis
  • IIA
  • Tsunami Arrival-Time Analysis
  • TATA
  • IIA Slope Analysis
  • ISA


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