Applying Satellite Microwave Observation Data in Analyzing the Concentric Eyewall Typhoons$ Structure Evolutions and Intensity Variations (Iii)

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The aim of this 3-year project is to investigate the property of concentric eyewalltyphoons via satellitefusion data for future applications in improving typhoon intensityand rainfall potential estimation models. Inthe first year, the project will aim on thedevelopment of the relevant image processing technique and models,and analyze the rainfall property for different type concentric eyewall typhoons. In the second year, theproject will develop some objective indicators for improving the previous techniques, and analyze theformation thermal and dynamic conditions for concentric eyewall typhoons via multiple sensor fusion data.In the last year, the gathered intensity and rainfall evolution properties for concentric eyewall typhoons willbe input into the improved tropical rainfall (I-TRaP) model for better intensity/rainfall estimation.During the first year, mainly the GSMaP global rainfall data from multiple satellite microwave observationswere used to investigate the concentric eyewall typhoons over the Northwest Pacific, and the peak rainfallpixels in GSMaP data were used to delineate the locations for the inner/utter eyewalls. Then the rainfallintensity, time, structures variations were investigated. Basically the project emphasized the utilizations ofautomatic image processing techniques and objective indicators derived from satellite observation fusion data.During the second year, the GSMaP data will be also used to conduct series of hour observations on thelifecycle of the concentric eyewall typhoons and their behaviors, as well as to analyze the environmentalfields for them, to possibly figure out the formation conditions for the concentric eyewall typhoons. Finallyand most importantly, the analysis results will be again used to establish a more integrated and accurateI-TRaP model in the following researches.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/07/17


  • Double Eyewall
  • Concentric Eyewall
  • Eyewall Replacement Cycle
  • Typhoon Structure


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