Anisotropic Engineering Behaviors of Fractured Rock Tunnel, Rock Slope and Foundation(2/3)

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Due to the preferred fabric orientation or the existence of non-random discontinuity, the engineering behaviors of rock tunnel, rock slope and foundation depend on not only the orientation of discontinuities but also the direction of excavation, direction of slope face and direction of applied loading. Ignorance of such anisotropic behaviors may lead inappropriate design and failures of engineering structures. This research is aimed at effects of discontinuities orientation on engineering behaviors of tunnel, slope and foundation in/on fractured rock mass. The first year of this research will focus on the effect of tunnel excavation direction coalesced with orientation of discontinuity. The second year of project will concentrates on the directional dependency of foundation on fractured rock. The third year of this research will explore the effect of dip directions between slope face and discontinuity on rock slope stability. Synthetic rock mass (SRM) model will be adopted to simulate the responses of rock tunnel, rock slope and foundation in/on fractured rock masses. A series of parametric studies, such as orientation of discontinuity, fracture intensity, fracture diameter and Fisher’s constant will be performed to explore the anisotropic engineering behaviors of rock engineering in/on fractured rock masses.
Effective start/end date1/08/2131/07/22


  • synthetic rock mass
  • discrete fracture network
  • tunnel
  • foundation
  • rock slope
  • anisotropy


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