Analysis and Correction of Chromatic Aberration and Monochromatic Aberration for Optimal Triplet Design by Using Matlab

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The plan proposes using Matlab to calculate the optimal triplet design. First, the triplet is used to correct the third-order longitudinal chromatic aberration. Three glass materials are selected, and then the optimization program is used to control the third-order spherical aberration, third-order comet aberration, and third-order astigmatism. The third-order spherical aberration corrects the on-axis aberration, the third-order comet aberration and the third-order astigmatism correct the 20 degree off-axis aberration, but although the 20 degree off-axis aberration decreases, the on-axis aberration increases, so the same time, the third-order spherical aberration, coma aberration, and astigmatism were adjusted to correct the on-axis aberration and the 20-degree off-axis aberration, respectively. Finally, the lens thickness and spacing of the lenses are adjusted to reduce the off-axis aberration of 14 degrees, and the best design of the triplet in the whole field can be obtained.
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/07/21


  • Matlab
  • triplet
  • optimization program
  • third-order spherical aberration
  • third-order coma
  • third-order astigmatism


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