An investigation of workplace language phenomena in Miaoli and a study on the reconstruction strategy of Hakka language environment

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People will choose different language types or adopt different language attitudes because of different fields or situations and different positions such as subjective and objective. Important situations, according to this ideal, different languages are often assigned to different situations.” (Huang Xuanfan: 1994, p264)In the first year of this project, it is expected to visit workplaces in 18 townships in Miaoli County, and in the second year, it is expected to investigate workplaces in 13 townships in Hualien County. Hakka counties and cities; the latter counties and cities with a relatively low proportion of Hakka and few Hakka activities, compare the Hakka vitality of the two in the workplace. The survey will take the form of a questionnaire survey and an in-depth interview. Through actual visits, we will compare the willingness to use the Hakka language in the workplace and the actual situation of the two under the Hakka language policy, different age groups, different occupations, and different objects. Hakka language skills...etc. We define workplaces as places where non-general people can freely come and go. People enter these workplaces usually with special purposes, such as: negotiating business, applying for business or work...etc. And according to whether they are affiliated to public units, they can be divided into the following two fields: (1) Public institutions: including county and city government offices in Miaoli County and Hualien County, township offices, household registration offices, Taiwan Electric Power Company, public hospitals, Chunghwa Post Office, and its affiliates, etc. (2) Private enterprise groups: including cultural and historical studios, private hospitals and private enterprises in Miaoli County and Hualien County. It is hoped that through these on-the-spot investigations and comparisons, we can find out the reasons why the Hak language is currently endangered, and provide relevant suggestions for the government's Hak language promotion policy in the future, so as to formulate a more effective Hak language recovery policy.
Effective start/end date1/08/2231/07/23


  • Miaoli county
  • Hualien county
  • Hakka dialect
  • vitality
  • re-vibration


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