An Analysis on Emotional Expression Poetry by Women in the Qing Dynasty (Ii)

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The poetry by women in the Qing Dynasty passed down the tradition of “Shi Yan Zhi” to initiate thediscourses of subjective consciousness. Many poems titled “Memory Recalling,” “Emotional Expression,”and “Self-expression” used methods, such as self-presence, self-revelation, and self-identity, to reflect ideasand ambitions, thinking of self-existence, and review and pursuit of life, as well as reflect the individualsubjectivity of women in the Qing Dynasty.This project is the extension of the MOST-subsidized project “An Analysis on Emotional Expressionby Women in the Qing Dynasty” (105-2410-H-008-061), and intends to focus on the investigation on poemsof self-narrative of birthday by women. Female poets consciously reflected the review on personal lifehistory through the self-reflection and reflection on birthday. The poems of self-narrative of birthday bywomen in the Qing Dynasty usually not only include one poem, but multiple poems or serial poems instead.Women’s inward self-review was reflected from different perspectives. Women’s life profile and mentalitywere systematically outlined in poems of self-narrative of birthday at different ages. Such poems are rare andvaluable first-hand records of women in the Qing Dynasty in historical data of biography.
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/01/19

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  • Women in the Qing Dynasty
  • Female Image
  • Autobiography
  • Birthday
  • Self-narrative of Birthday


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