A survey of language and social phenomena and policy recommendations on the recovery of Hakka in Taiwan: Taking Miaoli as a research area

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Language revitalization must be supported by policies to have better results. The formulation of Hakka language policies or the revision and adjustment of original policies all depend on the understanding of the current situation of Hakka language use and the vitality of language, in order to formulate effective Hakka language revival. policy. Although there have been large-scale survey reports regularly conducted by the Hakka Committee, in order to evaluate the language vitality of Hakka and to truly grasp all aspects of the endangered Hakka language, this integrated project will be conducted in the “National Hakka Population” of the Hakka Committee. On the basis of the survey report of "Investigation and Research on Basic Language Data", using the research method of sociology of language, conduct detailed investigation and research on language phenomena in four fields including family, school, community, and workplace, and according to the survey results, conduct Assessment of Hakka Language Vitality and Reconstruction of Hakka Environment. There are four sub-projects in this integrated project, which will be implemented for a period of two years. The research areas include family, school, community, and public areas. Miaoli, an important Hakka town in western Taiwan (the first year), and Hualien, which has received less academic attention (the second year), investigate the linguistic and social phenomena of Hakka in the above-mentioned fields. The master plan will synthesize the survey results of each sub-project, evaluate Hakka language vitality according to the Language Vitality Assessment (LVA) set by the United Nations, and refer to Fishman's Reversing Language Loss Theory (Reversing Language Vitality). Language Shift (RLS) and the Graded Intergenerational Disruption Scale (GIDS) proposed strategies to save language loss, and put forward policy recommendations for Hakka language recovery based on local conditions and groups for government authorities. Reference for formulating Hakka policy.
Effective start/end date1/08/2231/07/23


  • Hakka revival
  • Hakka Policy
  • Language Vitality Assessment Indicators
  • language social phenomenon


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