A Study on the Relationship between Chen Fu Liang’S &Quot;Chun Qiu Hou Zhuan&Quot; and His Essays

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Based on the closed relationship between Classics and literature, I purpose to study how Chen Fu Liang’s(陳傅良) essays were influenced by his “Chun qiu hou zhuan”. The studies about Chen Fu Liang’s essays, about other writers’ essays influenced by “Chun Qiu” in Song dynasty, about other interdisciplinarity studies between Classics and literature, and about Chinese essays aesthetics, all of these are important reference documents. I plan to do my study by many ways, included supposition, proofreading, understating the writer and the time he was in, Chinese essays aesthetics, comparative method, method of deduction. There are many problems, I plan to differentiate the importance of documents, and learn more new point of views. I plan to write a paper, and publish it in a seminar. And then publish it in a good journal.
Effective start/end date1/02/1831/01/19


  • Chen Fu Liang’s(陳傅良)
  • “Chun qiu hou zhuan”(《春秋後傳》)
  • Chinese classic essays
  • the theory of “wen ti”


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