A Study on the Origin of the Hengchun Plateau of the Upper Accretionary Wedge off Southern Taiwan

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The applicant jointly submitted an Ancillary Project Letter (APL) to IODP (International OceanDiscovery Program) with American and Taiwanese colleagues in October 2015 to propose conductingdrilling in the Hengchun Plateau and its nearby perched basin off southern Taiwan by using D/V JOIDESResolution. The drilling would be conducted in early 2017 if the proposal is approved. The objective of thisdrilling proposal is to understand the origin of a large submarine plateau of around 400-700 m in waterdepths and 1,400 km2 in area off southern Taiwan and in the Manila accretionary wedge, which isinformally named Hengchun Plateau. This 3-project year proposal (2016/8-2019/7) would like to serve as abasis for characterizing two proposed IODP drill sites and geology around the Hengchun Plateau as well assubsequent core analyses if the proposed sites are drilled. Subsequence drill core analyses may 1) documentthe origin of the hard ground that appears to characterize the submarine Hengchun Plateau; 2) document therate of deposition, source of the sediments in the perched basin and timing for some mass transport deposits;3) investigate what controls erosion in submarine environments.In addition, this project proposal will collect sediment cores and acquired multichannel seismic data. Weseek to interpret existing and newly acquired seismic sections in and around the Hengchun Plateau to betterunderstand the regional structures and sedimentary contexts in the upper accretionary wedge and geometryof the seismogenic splay fault. Temporal variations of the paleo-flow speeds of the Kuroshio Current at theHengchun Plateau will also be studied by using the concept of sortable silts from cores obtained in theperched basins neighboring the Hengchun Plateau.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/07/17

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